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Looking for the perfect gay wedding gift for a same-sex couple? Whether you're wedding planning for your own gay or lesbian wedding, or just browsing for a same-sex couple you're close with, we've got you covered!
Pride Chicken has a wide assortment of gay wedding gifts and same-sex wedding gifts for gay and lesbian couples. Marriage is a beautiful ceremony which all people deserve. Love is love!
These gifts are fun and are intended to celebrate the beauty of same-sex marriage. 
We the founders are a married lesbian couple, and when we were planning for our same-sex wedding we struggled to find real gay wedding gifts that weren't tacky. So we decided to put together a wide variety of kitchen accessories for gay and lesbian couples that will make their hearts throb. We even wore the "bride & bride" sunglasses after our lesbian wedding ceremony since it was super bright outside. To learn more about our story, be sure to check out our blog here.
The gay and lesbian aprons are our best sellers, be sure to check out our Instagram some fun photos @pride_chicken.