Love is Love Wine Aerator


Give your wine a breather!

  • 3.5 inches & Fits onto any Bottle of Wine
  • Great gift for anyone identifying as LGBTQ
  • Perfect gift for LGBTQ Wine Fanatics

Add Some Love to Your Next Glass of Wine

Bring your next bottle of wine to life with some much needed aeration!

Most aerators for wine you'll find on the internet will more than likely be fancier than this one. However, we the people of Pride Chicken don't want you to spend $100 to improve a drinking experience (but a $10 one-time investment is worth it).It gets the job done and has an awesome "love is love" caption on it to show support for LGBTQ community.

If you are looking for unique LGBTQ gifts or perhaps gay gift ideas for your next event, this wine aerator is an excellent choice.

Aerating your wine will completely change your drinking experience, which is why we wanted to provide a travel size wine aerator that can easily fit inside your purse or in your pocket.


-Insert the soft rubber bottom of this LGBTQ aerator into the wine bottle for a snug fit.
-Aim directional spout into your wine glass
-Final step, drink up!

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