Lesbian Moms & Lesbian Parents Baby Shower Crate

  • Reusable all natural wooden crate

  • “I love my mommies”onesie

  • “Love is Love” bib

  • Rainbow Pride pacifier

  • Pride Chicken Baby Towel

  • Rainbow baby legwarmers

  • “Love is Love” baby sunglasses

  • Rainbow shoes (0-3m,3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m) please specify above

  • Rainbow suspenders

  • Koozie

Lesbian Moms Baby Shower Gifts

Lesbian moms and lesbian parents will love receiving this lesbian gift basket filled with all kinds of goodies for their baby! It includes fun lesbian pride themed baby clothes and lesbian pride accessories that any lesbian parent will love!

We know lesbians love DIY projects, so we wanted to give this gift a duel purpose and make the crate reusable! Our all natural wooden crate is sturdy, functional, and will make the receivers of the expecting lesbian mommies baby shower crate feel special.


Detailed Description of Each Item:


“I Love my Mommies” Onesie

100% cotton, newborn size. New bundles of joy can be a handful, but it's no sweat when they let new mommies know how much they love them!

“Love is Love” Bib + Pride Chicken Baby Towel

Babies are quite the messy creatures. The expecting lesbian mommies crates come equipped with the proper tools to help deal with any stinky and sticky surprises that might occur.

Rainbow Pride Pacifier + Rainbow Baby Legwarmers

Babies can show support too! There's no such thing as too much rainbow, deck the babe out head to toe in lesbian accessories!

“Love is Love” Baby Sunglasses

Warning: This item may cause an exceedence in allowable lesbian baby swag. Babies wearing these lesbian pride sunglasses may be subject to massive Twitter and/or Instagram followers.

Rainbow Shoes + Rainbow Suspenders

What’s more adorable than a baby in tiny little lesbian rainbow shoes? Maybe a baby in tiny little lesbian rainbow suspenders!


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