That Uncomfortable Question You'll Surely Want..

That Uncomfortable Question You'll Surely Want..

Apr 30th 2016

Love is Love - Baby Sunglasses

There's always that uncomfortable question that will need to be answered: "Why don't I have a mommy?" Or, "Why don't I have a daddy?" But with today's  Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Adoption and Same Sex Marriage being allowed in all 50 states as Federal Law, these "social norms" are fading quickly into the sunset; faster than most of us realize. If anything, LGBT family diversity is admired and being supported by an overwhelming amount of the population.

Benefits of Same Sex Parents


This kid is going to have a completely new perspective and set of experiences to share with the world. Some positive, some negative, but that's the same with any family whether the parents are gay or straight.

For households with 2 dads, you can probably expect these kids to be on top of the latest fashion trends and on top of their game when it comes to finding the best brunch spots when they become adults- guaranteed! 

For households with 2 moms, you'll never have to worry about this kid's survival instincts because they'll probably go camping every weekend of their life. Not to mention, having a woman's perspective on everything is generally preferred in most situations ;)

What if one or both of the parents are members of the trans community? Even better! Kids in these families are probably going to be the most accepting individuals in our society. Love is Love, y'all!

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