10 Classy LGBTQ Valentine's Day Gifts with Free Shipping!

10 Classy LGBTQ Valentine's Day Gifts with Free Shipping!

Posted by Lauryn Spence on Jan 27th 2017

10 Classy LGBTQ Valentine's Day Gifts

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These 10 LGBTQ Valentine's Day gifts will surely make your heart throb!

Queer, classy, and in need of a Valentine?

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The intent of this list is to give LGBTQ couples classy Valentine's Day gift ideas, without flooding their significant other with tacky rainbow items. We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below and let us know what you think!


Mr. Cooks It All & Mr. Eats It All Aprons Mrs. Cooks It All & Mrs. Eats It All Aprons

"Gayprons" is the official name for "gay aprons" here at Pride Chicken. These are our best selling items, and most of our  reviews can be found on our Etsy Shop. Aprons are cute, sexy, playful, and make for great sappy couples photos on Instagram! We'd recommend this LGBTQ Valentine's Day gift for any couples that may be living together or that are semi-serious. Both the "Mr." and the "Mrs." sets are $39.99. 

2. Wino & Whiny Wine Glasses

We all know who the "baby" is of the relationship, so why not make a joke about it? This is the perfect LGBTQ gift for a fabulous  gay or lesbian wine lover! Recommended for semi-serious relationships, probably best to have been dating for 6+ months. Both glasses together are $19.99.

3. Love is Love Wine Aerator

This "love is love" wine  aerator is frequently purchased with the wine glasses. Perfect LGBTQ Valentine's Day gift regardless of how serious or not serious the relationship is. Also, unlike most aerators, this one is by far the least expensive when considering the quality, AND you can easily fit it inside a purse or pocket. Only $9.99!

4. #lovewins Cork Coasters

Another cute LGBTQ Valentine's Day gift that will work for brand new relationships or for someone you've been with long term. These  cork coasters are 4x4 and look great on any surface! Also only $9.99 :)

5. Cutting Boards


These cutting boards come in 2 sizes, 12x8 and 8x8. You can also add a knife set with each purchase which are perfect for meat and cheese plates for guests! Both the " Mr. & Mr." and "Mrs. & Mrs." cutting boards are 100% bamboo and are dishwasher safe. We'd recommend this Valentine's Day gift for anyone from the LGBTQ community celebrating a wedding anniversary, or if they're about to get married. Prices vary between $19.99-$29.99.

6. Same-Sex Couples Kitchen Crate

Another Pride Chicken best seller! This is our most popular same-sex wedding gift, but this can also serve as a LGBTQ Valentine's Day present for married LGBTQ couples. This is a great combo gift if you like everything you see here on this blog post! Both  gay and lesbian crates are $99.99.

7. Same-Sex Couples Wine & Cheese Crate

This crate is our personal favorite for weekend picnics! Another great combo purchase if you're liking more than one item from this blog. Also would recommend this for married or serious LGBTQ couples who love wine and cheese! Both  gay and lesbian crates are $79.99.

8. Wife/Husband Status Coffee Mugs

Great LGBTQ Valentine's Day gift for anyone who's husband or wife material! Both  gay and lesbian coffee mugs are $19.99 and are 100% dishwasher safe. 

9. Wedding/Anniversary Shades

We'd recommend these " Groom & Groom" or "Bride & Bride" shades for any gay or lesbian couple about to get married this year! Unfortunately, the chocolate monkey is not included, but each set is $15.99!

10. LGBTQ Pint Glasses


Last but not least, these  LGBTQ Pint Glasses are the perfect LGBTQ Valentine's Day gift for any beer or cider drinker! You can buy a whole set of 4 and choose 1 of each, or 4 of the LesbianGayBisexual, or Trans pint glasses for $39.99. We also sell these individually for $11.99.